Current Projects

Pope Francis Walks through Door of MercyOur HUDT charity was asked and is helping to build a church in Rustavi, South East Georgia, it will be a small church, but a huge symbol for stability and the unification of Georgian Orthodox Christians, Russian Orthodox Christians , Roman Catholic Christians, and we hope the Muslims of the Caucasus who also believe in, Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Vilnius Terminally Ill ChildrenHelp Us Dry the Tears is delighted to have the opportunity to extend our Fr. Sopocko Hospice for the Dying in Vilnius, Lithuania, to include a specially dedicated hospice for terminally ill children. Our Fr. Sopocko Hospice for the Dying in Vilnius has been a great success, providing relief from suffering for so many impoverished people who could have otherwise died on the streets or in miserable hovels in Lithuania. 

Vilnius Hospice for the DyingThe first ‘Hospice for the Dying’ in Lithuania built by our charity was seen as an historic national event. National television channels and media journalists from all over Poland, and Lithuania, were there to record the event for public broadcasting. It seems extraordinary that there was no hospice or palliative care centre in this country until HUDT "Divine Mercy in Action" built it.

Donegal Retreat CenterThe Retreat and Day Centre in Letterkenny is something that has been spoken about with devotees of our devotion in Letterkenny for a number of years. Donegal is a place where there is a large following of this devotion. Our first visit to Letterkenny as an apostolate was in 1996.

Balgaddy ProposalThe Project for the day centre at Balgaddy has a cost of one million two hundred thousand euro. We had first been approached by the Parish priest to help with his extraordinary work supporting the needs of the poor in the communities around him.