Completed Projects

Oituz OrphanageChildren in OrphanageOituz is an Orphanage that was completely dependent on the villager’s kindness to feed and clothe the children. But the village which is a very poor village can hardly feed and clothe itself. The orphan children come from a wide area around and most are brought in by the police when they are found deeply in distress after being discovered homeless on the streets. childrenOrphan children being given a rare treat of a puppy

The orphanage is high in the mountains and nearly inaccessible in winter. The winters there are very cold and temperatures drop to twenty below zero. It was a Romanian priest Oituz OrphanageOrphan child at playwho asked us could we help out with this orphanage which he said was urgently in need of assistance.

We brought a team of workmen from Bucharest who installed central heating, running water, put in new windows, built separate dormitories for the girls and boys. Connected electricity and installed washing facilities.