Completed Projects

Divine Mercy Orthodox HouseNew Advert for Mother and ChildAfter we were finished the Hospice for the Dying in Timisoara, we were approached by an Orthodox Bishop who said that he appreciated the work we were doing for the people of Timisoara. He asked, as we were a Catholic group, did this confine us too doing works of mercy for Catholics projects only.Building the CenterBuilding the Refuge Center

He pointed out to us that there were many poor people in Timisoara who were Orthodox Christians, and would our constitution allow us to do projects for Orthodox Christians. We told him that our charity was not confined to any religious denomination or, in fact, to those of any faith or of none.

We then discussed with him the needs of his particular area and denomination. Their greatest need he said was for Celebrating the openingPeople gathering on the new siterefuge accommodation for women and girls experiencing domestic violence while pregnant or after giving birth.

After some weeks, they acquired the land that would allow them to build the Refuge Center that they were in need of for so long. We then sought estimates for the construction that suited their requirements and finally, with the right builder chosen, the work began.

It was completed within nine months and the pictures, included here, witness the opening and the joy of all concerned. This centre has now a full complement of destitute mothers and children who sought refuge and shelter and we are contemplating Opening the CenterConsecration of the New Centerextending it.

We thank all our Divine Mercy devotees who supported this work and continue to do so. We are considering expanding the existing building to provide further accommodation that seems to be now required.