Completed Projects


Husi Community CenterWe built an All Purpose CenterFather Andrei Ciobanica in the Parish of Saint Anthony in Husi in east Romania close to the border of Moldova appealed to us for assistance for children with high social risks and many other problems. Husi Community CenterFeeding the ElderlyThe list was great. Abandoned children, abused children in dysfunctional families, children without shelter, children with drug problems, young unmarried mothers and finally elderly people without extended families to help support them. The unemployed rate in the Husi region is the worst in Romania over 70% are unemployed. 

Husi Community CenterChildren of HusiOver a period of three years we built three separate centres. The first was for abandoned and abused children. The second was a centre and home for young unmarried mothers, some as young as twelve and finally we built a centre for drug addicted children.

We agreed with the Archbishop of Iasi, to help with support for personnel to staff these centres and also to help with counselling, education, and taking care of children who are minors.

It is worth mentioning that any donation for the work we do, goes directly to the project you donate for. We do not take anything out of donations for wages or expenses of any sort. Husi Community CenterBringing music to Husi childrenAll our workers are volunteers and any expense is paid out of their own pockets as their contribution to our charity, 'Help Us Dry the Tears'.

The profits from our ‘Divine Mercy Husi Community CenterConsulting the ElderlyPublications’ book sales, is the main contributor to all our projects. I think we are the only charity that can honestly and sincerely claim to take nothing from donations.